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Panel heaters GLAMOX heating are well known as effective heating devices. The heating element is made of a special aluminum alloy, which is very light, harmless and spreads warmth very effectively. The compact panel and strip wall mounted heaters combine the latest technology with a stylish functionality, so they can be used at home, and other buildings. All control systems are placed on top of product, so are easily accessible and visible.
We offer wide variety of electric heating products under brand name of GLAMOX heating: from heaters with digital programable thermostat to heating systems managed from the mobile phone by WiFi application. GLAMOX heating electric panel heaters could be used as a primary or supplementary heating of premises all year around. Heating with electric heaters are absolutely safe: installed safety cut-out against overheating (in case will be covered by accident), automatic start if temperature drops below set point, low reachable surface temperature, etc. Additional accessories: floor stands for fixing heaters on floor, curtain guard, cover for thermostats could be ordered separately. Heaters don’t burn particles of dust and oxygen, don’t emit an unpleasant odor, don’t fade out the walls, so warm and good climate in the rooms guaranteed. 


For heating of residential, commercial and other premises.